This game is made for the #GBJam 5.

Don't always put yourself second place, sometimes you've got to put yourself first!


Helping Small Screen.exe 2 MB
Helping Big Screen.exe 2 MB


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Nice concept of healing other happiness while you have to keep watching your own health :)

You can add more potential stuffs to this game with something like:

  • Happiness reduction over per x second
  • Some people need a number of shoot to be happy, example: 3 shoots to make a certain person happy
  • Healer check point needs time to be reusable, to make it even less abuseable

Also, the wise cat looks like a puppy :D.


Thanks for the comment! Those are pretty good idea's! I think i'll add those idea's when this game jam is over, thanks :D And btw, programming is so hard ;)

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You're welcome. Good luck improving more of your game after game jam. I ever improved more of my old game too which was from an old game jam. I even currently making a new game which gameplay is based on that of my old game from game jam. It cut the time needed to make the base gameplay design drasticallly :).

Also don't worry about programming stuff, at first I struggled a lot when doing my early programming stuffs :).